A sad day without a witty movie quote

My shitty excuse for a computer has crashed, and I am getting terribly backed up with these reviews. I’m just going to post a list of movies I’ve watched here, and hopefully – hopefully – I will get around to writing them up at some point. In the meantime, let me know if you have any advice about buying an ibook on eBay.



His Girl Friday

Mr Leather

– Flash Gordon

Slumdog Millionaire

Fanny and Alexander


– All That Heaven Allows

Annie Hall

– The Trial

I have to admit that extending this list indefinitely now seems vastly more appealling than actually blogging about the movies I see. Anyway, I think my resolution – see at least one movie at the cinema each week – needs revision. The whole point was to see more new movies, and instead I just keep heading to the Cinematheque. I mean, there are even new movies I want to see, but still, I am way more excited about One, Two, Three at the German film fest (Billy Wilder’s hilarious Cold War comedy) than, say, Camino, Let The Right One In, JCVD, or Fast and Furious, or even the queer porn film fest at the Rattler this weekend. That said… do I really want to be seeing shit like He’s Just Not That Into You and The Reader for the sake of it?


2 Responses to “A sad day without a witty movie quote”

  1. His Girl Friday rules.

  2. ilostitatthemovies Says:

    It really does. It pains me to say this as a huge Billy Wilder stan, but this absolutely smokes his version of the same stage play (The Front Page).

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