What makes an orgasm feel so great?

My stupid computer just ate a long post about Bastardy, the doco about Jack ‘Uncle Jackie’ Charles I saw in Melbourne recently. It might be for the best, because it was probably going to end up embarrassing. Now I will just briefly describe it as one of those documentaries that aren’t especially well made, but with a subject fascinating enough to keep you engaged anyway. I guess I will also note that I found the directorial ethics QUESTIONABLE.

Last night I couldn’t be fucked going out to dinner with my housemates, so I watched Benjamin Smoke. It’s another documentary with an eccentric drug-addicted artist for its subject. Benjamin, no last name, plays in a band called Smoke, making the most beautiful, haunting songs imaginable on such topics as Luke Perry’s feet. This movie is so optimstically tragic and hilarious, it really fit my mood yesterday. Totally recommend this.


One Response to “What makes an orgasm feel so great?”

  1. Cough, more please.

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